The Brisbane Baylands encompasses about 570 upland/above ground acres (660 acres total), and is generally bordered on the west by Bayshore Boulevard, north by the City and County of San Francisco, east by U.S. Hwy 101, and south by Brisbane Lagoon. The Baylands was formerly a landfill and a railyard. As such, extensive site remediation is required.

The remediated site holds the promise of new sustainable development including housing in the northwest quadrant of the site, commercial development, and enhanced open spaces, parks, and trails.


In November 2018, voters in Brisbane approved Measure JJ by a margin of 55/45 which amended the City’s General Plan as it pertains to the Baylands. Specifically, Measure JJ:

  1. Allows for a range of 1,800 – 2,200 residential units in the northwest quadrant of the site (see map).
  2. Allows for up to 7 million square feet of new commercial development.
  3. Requires the developer to prepare a Specific Plan implementing the land use program and which will address the following policy issues:
    a. Ensure the site is remediated to safely accommodate residential uses;
    b. Secure an adequate water supply;
    c. Ensure that development is revenue-positive for the City;
    d. Incorporate sustainability principles including reduction in vehicle miles traveled;
    e. Protect/restore habitat and historic resources; and
    f. Address long-term sea level rise and flood protection.

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