A. Creating Community Together

City Actions

Conversation #1: March 21, 2019 | Conversation #2: May 4, 2019
Community members explore topics of interest and share their input with the City. Community interests, ideas, questions and concerns help to inform City actions moving forward.

B. Developer-Sponsored Community Engagement

Developer Actions

First session: June 30, 2019 | Second session: August 29, 2019 | Third session: October 17, 2019
Mission Blue Center, 475 Mission Blue Drive, Brisbane
Community members share their ideas and input directly with the developer, Universal Paragon Corporation (UPC).

City Council Presentation: November 21, 2019

Universal Paragon Corporation CEO Greg Vilkin and urban design lead Peter Calthorpe present on what the developer has heard from the five previous city- and developer-led community workshops.

Click the file below to view their presentation slides.

C. Developer-Prepared Technical Studies

Developer Actions

UPC and its consultants study key issues such as soils, traffic, water use, etc., ahead of additional planning efforts.

D. Remedial Action Plan (RAP)

Developer Actions

City and public review UPC’s plan to address site remediation.

Must be approved by:

  • Regional Water Control Board
  • Department of Toxic Substances Control

E. Landfill Closure Plan (LC)

Developer Actions

City and public review UPC’s plans for closure of the landfill and necessary clean-up efforts.

Must be approved by:

  • Regional Water Control Board
  • San Mateo County Health System

F. Developer Submits Specific Plan and Development Agreement

Developer Actions

UPC submits a draft Specific Plan (SP), Development Agreement (DA) to the City. These documents outline developer responsibilities and plans for the future of the Baylands.

G. Environmental Review & Public Comment Process

City Actions

City Review and Public Comment

City prepares a draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR); community comments on draft EIR, Specific Plan and Development Agreement.

Planning Commission Hearings

The Planning Commission reviews the Specific Plan and Development Agreement, sending their recommendations to the City Council. Community members share additional feedback before the Planning Commission.

H. City Council Review

Council Decision

City Council holds public hearings on the final EIR, Specific Plan and Development Agreement. Council can approve, deny or recommend revisions to the final plans.

* Expected that final City Council actions will be taken 24 months after the draft Specific Plan and Development Agreement are submitted by the developer.

process flowchart
This process diagram was one of the handouts provided to participants at the May 4 Community Conversation. View the full PDF.

Last updated: November 25, 2019