At the end of 2018, the City submitted for and were awarded a grant to work with the County’s Office of Sustainability on a “Home for All” Community Engagement Program. Two community conversations in partnership with Home for All and Common Knowledge took place in March and May of this year, where attendees looked at hard issues such as housing challenges in Brisbane, and also learned about the City’s Guiding Principles, and the Brisbane Baylands review process, and how they can get involved. The main areas of community interest were identified as:

The City created this video at the beginning of 2019 as a lead-up to these conversations.

And hear from the community we did. Over 100 community members, Councilmembers, and Planning Commissioners came to the March 21st conversation and 65 individuals spent a few hours on a Saturday to attend the May 4th one. Brisbane Parks and Rec helped to provide childcare at both meetings so that young parents could attend.

March 21 Community Conversation

Prior to the March 21st meeting, City staff conducted extensive community outreach to connect with people throughout the Brisbane community, including those who have not participated in previous conversations about the Baylands. Of the 87 discussion participants who attended on May 21st, about one-third indicated that they did not usually attend City meetings. About one-quarter of attendees said they worked or owned a business in Brisbane. Participants included those who have moved to Brisbane recently, as well as those who have lived in the community for more than 30 years.

During the outreach process, City staff interviewed local employers and employees who do not live in Brisbane, held conversations at playgroups with parents of young children, and reached out to neighborhood associations. View the March 21 meeting report that includes input from:

  • Perspectives an comments shared during the City’s multi-week outreach effort
  • Emails received prior to the meeting from people who could not attend
  • Table discussion notes from the 13 table facilitators
  • Individual input and feedback forms that were turned in by 66 out of 87 discussion participants on March 21
Pat Brown from Home for All served as a table facilitator and jotted down her table’s comments on an 11″x17″ piece of paper.

Handouts from the Evening:

May 4 Community Conversation 2

The May 4 conversation was designed so that new participants would be able to easily join the conversation, while also building on the first and work that has been done in the past.  The beginning portion focused on developing a broad understanding of the Baylands review process. The second part of the meeting included a review of previous feedback about the Baylands and then attendees took part in a “gallery walk” to provide input on nine topics of community interest. Click here to view the gallery walk boards. Lastly, since this was the final conversation that the City would be hosting, there was a way to sign up to stay involved. View the May 4 meeting report which also includes the event’s table discussion notes as well as a written summary of what was written on the gallery walk boards.

Participants signing up to stay involved at the May 4th conversation as we proceed forward with the Baylands review process.

Handouts from the Evening:

At the June 6, 2019 City Council Meeting, Pat Brown of Home for All came to present an overview of Home for All’s Community Engagement Program in Brisbane. Check it out starting at 4:14. Pat’s presentation along with a couple Council comments concludes at 17:00.

One of the items Pat highlighted was the City’s New Resident Packets which came as a result of the first Community Conversation on March 21st where attendees expressed a desire to feel more connected with their fellow neighbors and with their City. These New Resident Packets have begun to be distributed to new community members upon opening a new water account with the City.