What does Measure JJ say?

Key habitat areas identified in the Brisbane open space plan must be preserved, enhanced, and protected. These spaces include Icehouse Hill, Visitacion Creek and the Brisbane Lagoon. Measure JJ also requires protecting and restoring the historic Roundhouse.

How will this topic be addressed through the planning process?

The Development Agreement and Specific Plan will describe how open space and wildlife habitats are to be protected, restored, and enhanced. The Specific Plan shall ensure rehabilitation of the Roundhouse for adaptive reuse at the developer’s cost and will include details about the location of parks and trails.

What have community members said about this topic in the past?

  • Retain and enhance open space, including the area south of Visitacion Creek
  • Preserve wetlands and wildlife habitats
  • Build new parks and recreational facilities, such as ball fields and playgrounds
  • Expand bike lanes and trails